About my Disaster Site

My name is Charles Martin. I am a volunteer with the American Red Cross Bay Area. When working Disasters for the Red Cross, one thing I find lacking is good accurate information from outside sources. I  developed this site as a forerunner to a site that was to be developed later by the American Red Cross Bay Area. They chose to do their own typical Red Cross site. I chose to keep this information available to all. This area was developed based on the kind of information I need, and having a focal point to get it. I have searched for sources of information that will be constantly updated, having multiple sources for the same type of information, so the information is accurate. There are Local, State and National links so information comes from different prospectives. I have tried to maintain Maps and Graphics, "A picture is better than a thousand words" and I hate to type. An earthquake may cause roadways to be shutdown, thus the links to traffic. During a flood you need links to weather, etc...

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Thank you for viewing this site, I hope it helps someone get good quality information that may save lives in a disaster.


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Disaster Information when you need it.


I have since moved to Austin, Texas.  I still feel an obligation to the people of the Bay Area that have bookmarked my site for Disaster Information.  I know this because everytime the earth moves my site still gets hundreds of hits.  Therefore I will leave my Disaster page available even now that I am not there.  It is constantly updated so you will always have the Best Information.

Thank you...
Charles Martin